THOMASDORAN utilizes local businesses such as WINY in Putnam, Connecticut to market and promote local business needs. Our team is ready to assist in every aspect of radio advertising including: copy, voiceover, distribution and marketing campaigns.

    Feel free to listen to examples of some of our audio offerings below.

Website Marketing

    A businesses online presence is a vital aspect for the success and sustainability of any companies marketing strategy. In the not so distant past, websites were primarily a visual medium with limited capabilities and appearances. Luckily, the online landscape has exploded into an immersive multimedia experience allowing for rich expressions of design and functionality.

Take a moment to listen to a recent promotional piece that we created for a new facility for Westview Health Care Center.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Facility Testimonial

Radio Advertising

    Believe it or not, your neighborhood businesses continue to thrive by utilizing "old media" techniques such as radio and print. While local radio stations remain a significant source of regional news and weather, they also serve as a valid means for delivering community-based advertisements.

Radio may be considered "old" media to some, but based upon it's continued dependability, we won't retire it any time soon.

Broadway Live Christmas Radio Spot

Divas in Concert Radio Spot



    THOMASDORAN understands and employs the power and value of videography. As a medium once reserved for professionals and hobbyists, the video camera has become accessible and affordable to just about everyone.

    We have become a culture immersed in video.

     Whether it's for entertainment, education, industry, archival purposes or anything in between- THOMASDORAN can help capture, produce and distribute your next project.

Promotional Featurettes

    Important events deserve proper promotional treatments. That's why we are happy to extend our services for garnering as much attention to any event, service or product as humanly possible with what we call "Promotional Featurettes." Our ability to combine video, photos, motion graphics, music, sound effects and voiceovers are sure to grab the viewers attention. . . and keep it!

Campaign Video

    We recently teamed up with , a heart health campaign in Northeast Connecticut to promote health conscious decisions for women. This video (one of three in the series) follows RUBY, an advocate for healthy living choices as she tackles the actvities and challenges of a typical day.

Live Performance

    We have considerable experience with capturing live performances. Employing a variety of options including multiple high definition cameras as well as live feed projections onto external monitors for audience viewing, we can ensure that your performance will be professionally captured and archived. In post production, our video editing team will be able to seamlessly weave the multiple video streams of your performance into one impressive final product.

Archiving / Keepsakes

    We are fully capable of converting your old analog videos and photographs into digital mediums, ensuring the ability of being enjoyed for many years to come. Our high resolution photographic scanning equipment as well as our analog to digital transfer methods will allow you to share your memories with loved ones by placing the footage on dvd or in digital files for online sharing.

    As seen below, our "Celebration of Life" video service is a souvenir for honoring and memorializing the lives of loved ones passed in a celebratory and thoughtful way.

Television Commercials

    We don't need to state the obvious, but we will anyway:

    Television advertising is a highly effective means for getting your message to a wide audience of captive potential clients.

    In the year 2012, it was estimated that the number of American homes with televisions was 114.7 million.* Coupled with an average of over two televisions per home, it is clear that television viewership remains an indispensable addition to American lifestyles.

    From conception to execution, THOMASDORAN can help your company, product or service gain local or national exposure with the powerfully influential medium of television. Our team of media professionals is ready to develop your project idea through every phase of the production process.

    Here are two examples of :30 second television commercials that we recently produced for Westview Home Healthcare in Dayville, CT.

*, The Nielsen Company. 3 May, 2011. Web. 22 April, 2013.


Educational/Training Videos

    Educational and training videos are excellent means for delivering important information to a targeted audience in a visually appealing and cost-effective manner.

    Many companies find that educational and informative videos, produced for their specific services, products or training programs, are integral in effectively communicating their desired messages repeatedly and accurately. Also, the addition of motion graphics and animations are indispensable for relaying complex and critical material in an observable and engaging fashion.

Digital Effects

Digital Effects

    What was once reserved for high-budget filmmaking and television production is now a viable and increasingly accessible tool in the filmmakers arsenal.

We commonly use digital effects for:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Logo Animations
  • Title Sequences
  • Special Effects
  • Compositing
  • Color Correction

    Check out a short demo reel of some of our recent projects below.

Graphic Design

    From business cards to billboards- THOMASDORAN has you covered. The importance of properly branding your company, yourself or your message can't be stressed enough. We can help through the conception and design aspects all the way through the production and distribution of your marketing vision. Here are some of the services we proudly offer:

  • Billboards
  • Newspaper Print
  • Brochures
  • Letterhead
  • Logo Design
  • Collateral Marketing Materials
  • Business Cards

Logo Design

    We extend our logo design services to you. Whether your needs are new logo creation, logo redesign or a creative variation of your existing logo- we are confident that we can help.

westview aquatics logo

Client: Westview Health Care Center

Project: Logo variation

westview pediatric logo

Client: Westview Health Care Center

Project: Logo Variation

Broadway Live Logo

Client:Broadway Live Productions LLC

Project: Logo Creation

T-Shirt Design

    A great way to promote your business is to wear it! Here are a couple examples of our created designs displayed upon t-shirts.

Our designs on t-shirts

Client: Westview Health Care Center

Project: T-shirt Design


    Go big or go home!! When you really want to draw some serious attention to your company or event- then look no further. A billboard will do the trick and we can help!

image of billboard design

Client: Broadway Live Productions LLC

Project: Billboard Design


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